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Field Equipment

Southern Paranormal Investigations uses a variety of scientific-based equipment on each investigation. The amount and type of equipment used may vary by location dependent upon the individual case and the location itself.

EMF Meters

SPI uses several types of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detectors on investigations. EMF detectors are used prior to investigating to get accurate baseline readings of a location and locate any areas with natural high EMF readings. When an area is found with a high EMF reading, the next step is to locate the source, usually an electronic appliance or structure wiring. SPI utilizes more than one type of EMF detector on investigations to help validate and support, as well as debunk, any EMF occurrences.

EMF meters are useful in detecting and measuring EMF spikes, which could be an entity gathering energy to manifest or communicate.

SPI has had success on past investigations with spirit communication via our EMF meters. (See our video section.)

Digital EMF Meters

Mel Meters

The Mel Meter is an all in one Paranormal Meter. It is used to detect EMF fields, ambient temperature, has a red flashlight and a red backlight.

Gauss Master

The Gauss Master is an inexpensive EMF meter with an easy to read needle gauge scale and an audio signal that intensifies with the strength of the EMF field.

Ramsey TriField Meters

Detects the electric, magnetic, and RF fields.

K-II Meters

SPI also uses several K-II Meters. From our experience, the K-II meter has been found to be useful in detecting high EMF areas, EMF spikes, and extremely useful in establishing communication with an intelligent entity. It does not, however, give you an accurate numeric EMF frequency like a digital EMF Detector. Another reason SPI always uses more than one type of EMF detector on investigations.

There has been a lot of controversy over the use of the K-II Meter during an investigation. From the manufacturer, the meters activation switch is a manually pressed button on the front middle of the device. Moving your finger over the button can cause the meter to flicker. To eliminate this potential source of contamination, SPI modifies all K-II meters used with an On / Off toggle switch, which bypasses the manufacturers depression switch when on.

Digital Voice Recorders

Each team member carries a hand-held digital voice recorder on each investigation. SPI will also place digital voice recorders in areas with reports of high levels of activity to record continuously during the investigation.

SPI utilizes digital voice recorders to capture possible EVP's (electronic voice phenomena), voices, sounds, and also to record the location and occurrences of each team during the investigation. Digital voice recorders offer an excellent source for instantly recording notes of possible activity for later review.

SPI uses various models of both Olympus & Sony recorders. Some are sound activated, some are continuous record. All of our recorders are USB capable.


SPI uses Audacity to analyze our audio captures. This program offers various features to analyze audio, including options to help clean up audio sections and amplify the audio capture.


SPI uses headphones to not only review and analyze audio, but also during live audio sessions. When using the headphones plugged into an active voice recorder during an audio session, the headphones act almost like a parabolic microphone, amplifying the sound.

Digital Cameras

Each member of SPI carries a digital camera during each investigation. The team uses various brands incliding Sony, Canon, Nikon, & Fiji. Our cameras range from 3.2 - 6.0 mega pixels. Pictured below is an example of some of our cameras.

Digital Motion Cameras

SPI uses digital motion cameras in areas of reported sightings. These cameras have motion sensors that trigger a photo to be taken.

Temperature Gauges

SPI uses both analog and infrared thermometers on investigations. The analog thermometer has helped us monitor ambient temperature in an area, and determine whether a temperature change occurred in the entire area, or just a specific spot. The Infrared Thermometers have laser pointers to read temperatures in specific areas or on specific objects. SPI has also been successful in using them to establish a type of communication with spirits by having them change the specific temperature in a specific area upon command.

Weather Station

The Weather Station tracks current time, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and barometric pressure.


SPI uses two types of video equipment on investigations; camcorders and a DVR (digital video recorder) to ensure we cover all areas of purported activity.


SPI uses Sony & Cannon Camcorders in both MiniDV & High 8 versions. The Sony models have worked better as their "Night Shot" capability allows for better recording quality in 0 lux lighting. The Cannon's will work in low light areas, but sometimes require the addition of a low light LED source for better video clarity. Depending on the needs of each investigation, we will either carry or position our cameras on tri-pods. It is recommended to buy additional batteries or extended life batteries, as we have done. Most factory included camcorder batteries will only last 1 to 1 ? hours.

We also add small IR Illuminators to enhance the video quality in 0 lux lighting.

Digital Video Recorder

SPI has recently upgraded our DVR system to a Q-See 4-channel DVR with a built in hard drive and four infrared cameras. The DVR is connected to a small, portable television and stationed at command central where at least one team member is constantly monitoring the footage and taking notes for later review.

Wireless IR Cameras

Helmet Cam

The Helmet Cam is typically reserved for our live investigation broadcasts and offers the audience a live view of what our investigator sees, hears, and experiences during the investigation.

Custom Equipment

SPI works in collaboration with several other paranormal teams to help further the study and research of paranormal activity and research methods. One extension of this is the experimentation of different techniques and new equipment.

The Paranormal Puck

The Puck is a small device that connects to our laptop and gives a visual reading of the current temperature, EMF and RF frequencies, and static voltage. The Puck also randomly generates words, both in written and audio output, from a programmed list of hundreds of words. The user is also able to type in questions to ask directly. The theory behind the puck is similar to that of the Frank's Box, being that an entity may manipulate the output to facilitate communication.

SPI has been experimenting with the Puck both alone and in conjuction with a home-made version of the Frank's Box built by one of our investigators.

The Ovilus

Coming Soon to SPI!

The Ovilus has several modes of communication to choose from and uses the immediate environment to create words.

The Blueminator

The Blueminator is one of our new pieces of equipment we are experimenting with in conjuction with our sister team in Florida, Florida Paranormal Research. The Blueminator literally floods a room with blue light, which, based upon our research and that of FPR, appears to facilitate paranormal activity.

The Shack Hack / Ghost Box

SPI uses a Shack Hack type of Ghost Box, which essentially is a modified am/fm radio that scans continuously through the channels. To further eliminate the radio scans and block the radio waves, SPI places the device in a box and covers it in foil, allowing the white noise generated by the ghost box to be heard and utilized via the speakers which are attached to the device. Although this is still an experimental piece of equipment, SPI has had some interesting sessions with this device.

Miscellaneous Equipment

There are many other types of equipment that SPI uses on investigations, including equipment that is used to enhance the capabilities of other pieces of equipment.

USB 4 Channel DVR

The USB 4 Channel DVR plugs right into your computer and not only monitors up to 4 IR cameras, but also records the video captured. SPI has several of these handy little DVR systems.

Avermedia USB Gold

The Avermedia is a video grabber that plugs into your computer and allows you to attach any of your cameras into the system. SPI uses this device to broadcast our investigations live.

Night Vision Goggles

Motion Sensors

UV Lights


Walkie Talkies

Flash Lights

Equipment Cases

There are many more pieces of equipment utilized by SPI. This is just a sampling of the equipment used most often on an investigation. We will add more soon! 









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