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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do if I am experiencing Paranormal actrivity?

There are several things that you can do to better understand what you are experiencing. 

  1. Do not panic or become frightened 

  2. Keep a very detailed journal of each occurrence that includes describing the event; what you saw, heard, felt, as well as the time and date of the occurrence and who all was present

  3. Contact us at SPI    

How can I arrange for SPI to investigate my property?

You can either click here or email us at Please include as much detail as you can. Within 3 business days, an investigator will contact you for a consultation 

What Is A Consultation?

A consultation is when one of our Investigators contacts you via e-mail or over the phone after we have received your initial request. The Investigator will ask you to go into detail on all experiences that have occurred at the location. At the end of the consultation, the Investigator will set up an on-site investigation if warranted. 

Will I be charged a fee for SPI to investigate?

No. All investigations are done free of charge, however, we do accept donations to cover travel expenses, equipment costs, film developing, etc. 

There are three main reasons for not charging:

  1. We would not want you to feel hurt or angry if you paid for our services and we did not find any evidence of paranormal phenomena. 

  2. SPI members volunteer their time to further the research and understanding of paranormal activity and not for monetary gain. 

  3. By not charging for an investigation, we are further insuring that our results are impartial, undistorted, reliable, and accurate. 

When is SPI available to do an investigation?

Currently, we are available on weekends, however, if the need is urgent, arrangements can be made to accommodate. SPI, and most investigative teams, prefer to do an investigation after dark. This allows our equipment to work more efficiently and to minimize outside noise that may interfere with our recording devices. 

Will there be any paperwork for me to fill out?

Yes. You will need to fill out and sign for us, the SPI waiver form and the Evidence and Information Release form. These forms are for your protection and safety as well as that of Southern Paranormal Investigations. 

How soon after my investigation will I receive my results?

When at all possible, within 3 days of completing an investigation, two team members will meet with you to go over any evidence collected or personal experiences our group may have had. 

Can I join the SPI Team?

SPI is always looking for prospective team members for various positions. Please Contact SPI for more information and be sure to include in what capacity you would like to contribute to SPI (i.e. background investigations, technical skills, on-site investigations, medium, skeptic, etc.). 


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